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Re: not starting a daemon upon installation

On Sun, 08 Mar 2020 14:58:01 +0000, jnqnfe@gmail.com wrote:
>fyi, preventing start/stop of _all_ services on package installation is
>a requirement of Debian's live-build, which if you're not familiar with
>it is a tool to build a Debian live-cd. Building a live environment is
>typically done in a chroot and it involves installing many packages
>which should not impact the host in terms of starting/stopping
>how live-build achieves this is essentially the same as happens to be
>discussed in the linked page for Debian's debootstrap package (the tool
>for building the base filesystem).
>that is to use dpkg-divert to temporarily replace the /sbin/start-stop-
>daemon binary with something that essentially just exits with success
>(i.e. 0).

debootstrap's files don't contain the string "divert". They do,
however, dump "exit 101" to $TARGET/usr/sbin/poliy-rc.d.

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