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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports

Pirate Praveen:
> On 12/28/18 11:06 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> If the problem is hardware and connectivity, then IMO you can easily
>> find a sponsor for it. My company could well offer it for example
>> (hosted in Geneva with very nice connectivity to almost everywhere).
>> Setting-up a repository isn't hard. And for a start, I don't think you
>> really need a buildd network, just amd64 is ok-ish.
> I'd like go ahead with this offer and create rolling.debian.net (as
> someone suggested already to avoid reusing volatile). I think we can
> take the setup discussions offlist.

Please don't name it 'rolling'. This term is used a lot in the sense of
'rolling releases' by other distributions, and also in discussions about
constantly usable testing.

From all names that got suggested so far, 'fastpaced' is the only one
that doesn't have a special meaning in Debian context yet, at least to
my knowledge. That's why I would prefer that one.

Thanks for pushing that effort, Nik and Pirate! I really like the idea
of having a repository that provides newer releases of fast-moving
software built for stable.


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