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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports


>  2. I am happy with the current charter of backports and I think it's
>     possible to move forward with fastpaced without having to change
>     that charter.

Yep. That's exactly why the proposal changes nothing about -backports. I
am still confused why Alex and you keep insisting that anything would be
changing there.

>  3. formerer is speaking from experience when he says that it's
>     possible to make this kind of change unofficially first, learn
>     from it, and thus set the groundwork for making it official.
>     If you foresee obstacles to that, can you say more about where
>     they lie?  Maybe we can help address them, or maybe we can find
>     another way forward.
>     If you don't see obstacles, why not start today?

I think I already made those obstacles clear: Starting outside means
buying, installing and operating at least a server vor
volatile.debian.net (or whatever you call it), setting up and
maintaining an upload queue, the queued, and everything around it,
building from source for at least the most important architectures on
hardware that needs to be there and maintained for that, etc. There are
several issues with that:

 - It costs a lot time that could better be used elsewhere.
 - It costs extra money, which I for one do not have to spare.
 - I do not sure I can do it right, because I do not know all the
   technical details.

Thus, because the change as it is proposed has such a low impact on
anything else, I consider doing all that over again unnecessary.

Don't get me wrong - I would not hesitate to go through it if it were
for anything that could break things, or make life harder for others, or
something like that. I am just putting the impact of the change and the
resources needed for seperate infrastructure in relation. Everything
about this proposal ahs already been tested when -backports was young
(thanks for doing the work!). This proposal contains nothing new to
learn, neither technically nor policy-wise. It works the same way
backports do, with the same considerations, except for the source and
target suites of the packages.

If you know how to start with a new service at
{volatile,fastpaced,whatever}.debian.net without having to reinvent the
wheel for acceptign uploads, getting packages built, etc., please
enlighten me.


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