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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports


> How to handle upgrades from stable to stable+1. Packages from backports
> upgrade with no issues as stable+1 contains the same packages already
> compiled for the stable+1.

As long as the package is in -volatile, it is not in stable+1, and
upgrades are ensured by the volatile maintainer. If the package is to go
into stable+1 again, ist must move to -backports (see original proposal
for details on that).

> How about LTS? As stable-rolling repository would be usable in
> conjunction with stable-backports and stable, would then
> oldstable-rolling continue to roll or just freeze in place at the moment
> when the stable becomes oldstable?

I think oldstable-volatile could keep rolling if the maintainer wishes
to do so, but must never be newer than stable-volatile, of course.
Upgrades between oldstable-volatile and stable-volatile must be ensured
by the maintainer.

> Continuous delivery development model based upstream applications are
> not quite a good fit for a stable release distribution.

Maybe that's why we are drafting a mechanism to support them outside the
stable release distribution ;).


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