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Re: Proposal: Repository for fast-paced package backports

> For backports the general supportability assumption is that you provide a
> sane upgrade path from stable to the backports and from the backport to the
> next stable (optimally the same package). Once you take the presence of the
> stable package out of the mix, it becomes weird. How long do you need to
> preserve compatibility code? How does an agile package that does not fit
> Debian's release cycle cater to these requirements?

This is wrong, at least in a big part. The stable release cycle does not
apply for -backports. A package in -backports can be udpated an
arbitrary number of times during the development window of stable+1,
leaving us with the exact same issue as you are describing for

If you take into account edge cases, where a package is removed from
testing during the freeze, is removed from -backports as a result, is
not released with stable+1, then gets fixed and reintroduced to testing
and -backports, it gets even closer. In short: This is a situation every
maintainer has to take measures for, be it in -backports or -volatile.


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