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Re: Policy and procedures issue: init package hijacked via hostile NMU (declined by maintainers)

Andreas Henriksson writes ("Re: Policy and procedures issue: init package hijacked via hostile NMU (declined by maintainers)"):
> I have only seen a limited amount of Dmitrys work, but my impression
> is that he's not someone who should be trusted with unrestricted
> uploading privileges. I think fast-tracking him through NM was
> a mistake and would suggest he should take the full tour.

I agree with Guillem's posts to this thread.  But also I wanted to say
something nice about Dmitry.

I have had cause to work together with Dmitry on init system diversity
in Debian.  I value his contributions and found him a helpful
collaborator who is pleasant to work with, willing to learn and also
ready to forgive mistakes.

In the early days that nascent team had what can only be described as
poor organisation.  We had a considerable amount of accidental
standing on each others' toes, in which we managed to accidentally
entangle Dmitry, who was also trying to help.  Dmitry took this in his
stride and joined the team and is now a very valued member.
(Coordination is much improved now, thankfully.)

I haven't investigated the technical situation here, but this thread
was about the process anyway.  My inclination is to trust Dmitry's
judgement about when to take steps such as those described here.


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