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Re: call for epoch (was Re: Bug#915553: ITP: pd-csound -- Csound external for Pure Data)

On 12/4/18 9:34 PM, Simon McVittie wrote:
> I would suggest talking to the upstream developer of pd-csound. It seems
> reasonably likely that their users will be confused by the fact that
> that version 1.01.0 of the "Csound external" (I assume that's some sort
> of loadable module, analogous to a Python module?) is newer/better than
> version 6.08.0 of the Csound external, despite its lower version number?
> If they agree that this is confusing, they might be willing to re-version
> to 7.01.0 or something, so that version numbers keep going up.
> If they are unwilling to change the version number, then bumping the
> epoch seems like a correct Debian-level workaround for the version
> numbering scheme having been reset.

i asked upstream, and their answer is:
> The version was always 1.00 even when it was inside Csound. Minor
> changes made it go to 1.01 when we moved it out. It is not the same as
> the Csound version. So I am not really keen on changing this.

so it seems that the Debian *binary* package should have used a
different version than the source package in the first place.

it also gives me confidence, that the upstream version number will not
increment much in the next time, which should keep us safe from re-using
the same version (without epoch)


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