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call for epoch (was Re: Bug#915553: ITP: pd-csound -- Csound external for Pure Data)

On 04.12.18 19:28, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> * Package name    : pd-csound
>   Version         : 1.01.0
> pd-csound used to be built from the csound (source) package, but upstream has
> factored it out into a separate project (starting with fresh version numbers).
> This is an attempt to bring the package back in.

stretch features a pd-csound binary package built from "csound" with a
version number "1:6.08.0~dfsg-1".

upstream has factored out this component into a separate project (and
therefore pd-csound is currently no more in buster), starting with a new
version (1.01.0).

as mandated by the policy, i'd like to discuss, whether an epoch bump
for the new source package "pd-csound" (to be "2:1.01.0-1") is
warranted, or indeed a good idea.

the first version of Csound in Debian seems to have been "3.484.0d-1"
(according to snapshot.d.o), with pd-csound appearing at "1:5.08.0.dfsg2-1".

the factored out project is relatively new, i don't know how the
versions will evolve.


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