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Re: Sending using my @debian.org in gmail

Am 30.11.18 um 20:05 schrieb Marc Haber:

Hi Marc,

> If I could vote for which idea Debian mail admin time is dedicated
> (which I cannot since Debian admins are volunteers and can choose what
> to work on), I'd vote for better spam filtering on
> @packages.debian.org and @alioth-lists.debian.net, probably using the
> crossassassin mechanism that @lists.debian.org already uses.

If you are the list admin (or know him) I've had good success on
pkg-voip-maintainers setting this in header_filter_rules

X-Alioth-Lists-Spam-Score-Int: [3-9][0-9]$

(that means hold everything with a Score >= 3.0 for moderation, while
the cutoff level on alioth-lists is 5.0

For pkg-voip-maintainers this had zero false-positives and about 1-2
spammails per day that are held for moderation. Of course you should
occasionally look at the moderation queue...


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