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Re: wicd-daemon-run_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED

On Thu, 2018-11-29 at 13:56:40 -0800, Josh Triplett wrote:
> Preferably in a package maintained by someone who actually uses that
> daemon with sysvinit, rather than one maintained by someone who doesn't.
> (And bugs in the use of that package with sysvinit then belong to that
> separate package, where the work can be done by people who want that
> functionality. Also, s/All packages/All packages capable of running with
> sysvinit/.)

I very much disagree over this as a general principle, be it for
sysvinit or systemd, or whatever other feature a package might provide
that might be optionally used, but the maintainer does not use.

This is the antithesis of what a distribution is supposed to be doing.

> Small packages are not a bug. Our archive not handling them well (to the
> extent it doesn't, which seems questionable) is a bug. And it's
> absolutely a feature to have runit scripts and sysvinit scripts and
> configuration snippets of many sorts maintained in separate packages.

And I still object to this characterization, because the metadata is
the lesser of the problems when it comes to overhead. Few small packages
might be fine, tons of them is an organizational bug:



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