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Re: wicd-daemon-run_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED

]] Dmitry Bogatov 

> which is provided by `-run' package:
> 	$ dpkg -L wicd-daemon-run
> 	[...]
> 	/etc/sv/wicd-daemon/log
> 	/etc/sv/wicd-daemon/log/run
> 	/etc/sv/wicd-daemon/run
> 	/var/log/runit/wicd-daemon

Does it also provide an init script?  Else, it's RC buggy according to
9.11 in Policy.

> 	#!/bin/sh -eu
> 	exec /usr/sbin/wicd --keep-connection --no-stdout --no-stderr --no-daemon
> Note `--no-daemon' option. Logging is expected to go on stdout, which is
> piped to script in `/etc/sv/wicd-daemon/log/run', looking, usually like
> this:

How do you ensure that those settings are kept in sync with any command
line flag changes the maintainer makes in their package?

> 1. Provide runscript by {foo}.
>   It is infeasible due two reasons:
>   1.1 Technical. Most -run packages provide dedicated system user to run
>                  logging process. It would introduce cruft on systems
>                  of users, that install {foo}, but do not use Runit.

I don't think a small number of log users would be a particularly high
cost to bear.  You could also create those using triggers when runit is


>   1.2 Social. Maintainer of {foo} can rightfully refuse to maintain
>               support for `runit', not mandated by Policy

I think
should be sufficient here:

   For the record, the TC expects maintainers to continue to support the
   multiple available init systems in Debian.  That includes merging
   reasonable contributions, and not reverting existing support without
   a compelling reason.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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