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Bug#914898: debootstrap, stretch-backports: Please disabled merged /usr by default

Package: debootstrap
Version: debootstrap/1.0.110~bpo9+1
Severity: serious

In #914208 Simon McVittie writes:
> [merge-/usr] is now the default in stretch-backports' debootstrap

As discussed on debian-devel, however, binary packages built on a
merged-usr system are not installable on a non-merged-usr system.
Obviously we would like ad hoc builds of packages from one stretch
machine to be installable on other stretch machines.

I do not see any way in which this could be resolved for stretch.
Accordingly, please urgently revert this change for stretch-backports.


(I have CC'd debian-release@lists because this seems like it wants the
attention of the stable release team.  I wasn't able to find a
separate contact address for the stable release team here
and I have a vague memory that this is somehow the same list.  Please
redirect me if I am wrong.)

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