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Bug#914897: debootstrap, buster: Please disabled merged /usr by default

Package: debootstrap
Version: debootstrap/1.0.110
Severity: serious

Merged /usr is now the default in buster.  As discussed on
debian-devel, however, binary packages built on a merged-usr system
are not installable on a non-merged-usr system.  I think we would like
ad hoc builds of packages from one buster machine to be installable on
other buster machines.  That is not compatible with the current

This was an unanticipated problem.  The discussion on -devel has not
reached a consensus on a way forward, and there is no transition plan.

Accordingly, please revert this change for buster.

IMO this revert should be done quickly, to minimise the number of
installs which will generate broken packages.  If you do not agree
with my proposal, then I still think we should revert the change in
sid/buster while the matter is discussed.

This affects stretch-backports too, but I think it will be most
convenient to file a separate bug for that.


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