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Qt with GLES on arm64 maintainer's decision - Was:: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

Hi everyone!

We the Qt maintainers have reached a decision with respect to this topic. We 
reached debian-devel in order to get an idea of what other fellow Debian users 
and developers think of this subject. We would *really* like to thank you all 
for chiming in and discussing this in quite a nice way. Yes, most of us have 
strong positions, but even then the discussion was both civil and fruitful. So 
again, thanks to you all!

It seems now clear that the general consensus seems to expect:

= Qt available for both Desktop and ES OpenGL flavours

As we tried hard to explain this is really not easy nor even supported by 
upstream. But of course, if someone thinks [s]he wants to take the effort then 
[s]he's more than welcomed to joining the team. You will certainly need C++ 
library packaging skills and a *whole lot* of free time and build power. Due 
to the nature of this change, if the goal is achieved, it will be certainly 
targeted for Buster+1.

= If no change is possible, keep arm64 with Desktop OpenGL support

That seems to be what most of you want, and to say the truth, the easiest for 
us: we just keep status quo, no transition needed. We just package the next 
point release, check for bugs and mostly be done for Buster. So this is the 
approach we will take.

Both Dmitry and I just learned that the RPI has the VC4 driver which enables 
it to do hardware acceleration for Desktop OpenGL, we must admit that this is 
a game changer in many ways, even if we are talking on just one board (but 
quite an ubiquitous one). People wanting Qt+GLES on arm64 can always use 

For the Qt side of the Qt/KDE Team,


People reading the bug: please see


Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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