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Re: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

El jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018 18:30:39 -03 Marcin Juszkiewicz escribió:
> W dniu 22.11.2018 o 19:37, Dmitry Shachnev pisze:
> > The Qt framework can be built either with “desktop” OpenGL, or with OpenGL
> > ES support. At the moment we are building it with OpenGL ES on armel and
> > armhf, and with desktop OpenGL on all other architectures.
> > 
> > However we have received a request [1] from two different persons to add
> > arm64 to the list of architectures where OpenGL ES is used.
> > 
> > We want your feedback! If you are using an arm64 device or board with Qt,
> > please let us know your opinion about this change, by replying to this
> > mail
> > or to [1], and describe your use case.
> Does it mean that arm64 box with PCI Express graphics card will be not
> able to use Qt based software? I can put Radeon or NVidia card into my
> box and use it as a normal OpenGL accelerated desktop (did that already
> few years ago).

"Depends". The change is only for software using some specific classes inside 
libqt5gui5. If your video card supports GLES (aka OpenGL ES) then you should 
be fine.

I *think* that most video cards support both GLES and Desktop OpenGL, but feel 
free to point me wrong.

Also I understand that if your video card does not supports GLES then 
software-based rendering might happen.

The real issue here is that *many* arm64 boards currently do not support 
Desktop OpenGL, but do support GLES.

Also applications using GLU[T] or glew will not be able to compile anymore on 
arm64. GLU[T] has not been ported to GLES, glew somehow differs in a type 

> >From what I see the problem is with Qt not being able to be built with
> support for both OpenGL and OpenGLES ;(

That would be ideal, but yes, it's currently a build-time selection.

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