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Re: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

W dniu 22.11.2018 o 19:37, Dmitry Shachnev pisze:

> The Qt framework can be built either with “desktop” OpenGL, or with OpenGL ES
> support. At the moment we are building it with OpenGL ES on armel and armhf,
> and with desktop OpenGL on all other architectures.
> However we have received a request [1] from two different persons to add arm64
> to the list of architectures where OpenGL ES is used.
> We want your feedback! If you are using an arm64 device or board with Qt,
> please let us know your opinion about this change, by replying to this mail
> or to [1], and describe your use case.

Does it mean that arm64 box with PCI Express graphics card will be not
able to use Qt based software? I can put Radeon or NVidia card into my
box and use it as a normal OpenGL accelerated desktop (did that already
few years ago).

>From what I see the problem is with Qt not being able to be built with
support for both OpenGL and OpenGLES ;(

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