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Re: Our build system may be broken: /bin vs /usr/bin

 ❦ 19 novembre 2018 09:51 -0600, Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org>:

> | Dirk Eddelbuettel writes ("Our build system may be broken: /bin vs /usr/bin"):
> | > tl;dr:  We may be messing up /bin and /usr/bin on some platforms
> | 
> | This is the result of the change of the buildds to have `usrmerge', ie
> | merged /bin and /usr/bin.  I think this shows that this change is
> | generating RC bugs in packages, and should be reverted.
> That was very much my gut feel but I am a little removed from the more core
> moving and shaking and I didn't know what changed recently.
> FWIW GNU R is an rather obsessively clean user of to the autotools stack, so
> I would agree that it failing here is a good-enough proof for having to
> possibly revisiting things in our stack. I would expect much more breakage to
> follow.

I am maintaining a piece of software using autotools and each time I let
slip a path computed at build time, I have bug reports from a handful of
embedded distributions (OpenWRT, buildroot, ...) telling me it breaks
with them. So, it's not something unique to Debian.
Use library functions.
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