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Re: Installer: 32 vs. 64 bit

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 1:32 PM Chris Knadle wrote:

> A logical place to check or the lack of BIOS virtualization features and show an
> error message for this would be within the .postinst script for the virtualbox
> package in Debian.  This way when Virtualbox is installed the user installing it
> can be warned that VT-x or AMD-V isn't active and give a hint as to how to fix
> it.  Alternatively a /usr/share/doc/virtualbox/README.Debian file could contain
> a warning about this for the user to read, which assumes the user knows to look
> for that.  [I checked -- right now the virtualbox source package in Debian
> contains neither AFAICT.]

I think printing errors like this in the postinst is unlikely to
attract the attention of users who such a warning might be targetted
at. Even for the extra-technical ones who do read their apt logs
judiciously (or have a script to do that for them), it also doesn't
fix the situation when folks are running Debian VMs in VirtualBox
running on other platforms.

So probably the VirtualBox UI should be indicating the lack of
VT-x/AMD-V and inducing users to reboot and turn that on in their boot



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