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Re: Q: Best practice for maintainer address with "alioth"

Hi Holger,

> On Mon, Oct 01, 2018 at 09:59:59AM +0200, Alex Muntada wrote:
> > > As I understand it, alioth-lists.d.n is an interim location
> > This is correct, when asked what to do we're encouraging people
> > to keep the former lists.alioth.d.o addresses.
> I find this quite confusing, because this way its not clear
> whether an alioth.debian.org mail address is still working or
> whether something needs an update :/

The whole point of our taking over the alioth lists service
was that maintainers do not need to update maintainers field
(e.g. several thousand packages for perl packages only).

Now imagine that alioth lists service was eventually taken over
by DSA and the new canonical domain became debian.org again.
Should maintainers update their packages again? That's what we
want to avoid, hence suggesting to keep lists.alioth.d.o instead
of alioth-lists.d.n.

BTW, you can take a look at the Mailman list of lists to find out
if some list was migrated:

(linked from alioth-lists.d.n home page)


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