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Re: Bug#892612: ITP: conbuilder -- container-basade package builder for Debian packages


Quoting Benjamin Drung (2018-08-01 16:28:54)
> > Build Debian packages using OverlayFS and systemd namespace
> > containers.
> > 
> > conbuilder creates a base filesystem using debootstrap, then
> > overlays it with a filesystem to install the required dependencies
> > and finally runs the build on another overlay.
> > 
> > Layers are created, reused and purged automatically to achieve
> > fast package builds while minimizing disk usage.
> > 
> > It takes less than 2 seconds to start a new build on an already
> > existing
> > overlay.
> What's the difference to sbuild which is configured to use overlays?

There certainly are a few things like disabling network access during build or
seccomp filters which schroot in Debian cannot yet do (see also #802849).

But before re-implementing all the package building logic that already exists
in pbuilder and sbuild, could we maybe evaluate whether it is feasible to
extend the existing tools with a new backend?

Especially when added as an autopkgtest-virt server, such work would benefit a
much bigger crowd than yet another [1,2] package building software.

I would certainly appreciate a bug against sbuild that adds functionality that
sbuild does not yet have.


cheers, josch

[1] https://lists.debian.org/4340a82e-15fc-1518-122a-c49273da1e5a@metux.net
[2] https://lists.debian.org/87lhiduele.fsf@desiato.home.uhoreg.ca

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