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Re: Should the weboob package stay in Debian?

On 15109 March 1977, Adam Borowski wrote:

>> It is covered.  We explicitly list a number of things that we consider to be
>> of higher priority than arbitrary compatibility with third parties (free
>> software; our users' needs; creating a developer community that is welcoming
>> to all people, instead of one that mirrors a wider culture which
>> discriminates against people based on their identity).
> If you put technical needs below religious ones (and this particular
> religion is especially vile), something is really wrong.  Debian is supposed
> to be inclusive for all users.  Working software is much more important than
> hurt feelings -- especially if you care about feelings of only a single
> group.

> The diversity statement we approved explicitely welcomes participation by
> everyone, and (by my reading) implicitly bans censorship.  You're trying to
> promote censorship, and that I protest against.

Please read
and apply it here. It has a slightly different topic ( (In)tolerance ),
but most of it fits pretty damn well the point of inclusive or not.

Working software is not neccessarily much more important than hurt
feelings. Not if hurt feelings make us a worse place to be. And, unless
its "hurt feelings" of intolerant nazis[1], it doesn't matter if it's only
a single group or not. They are important. And hey, its not a just a
random group of 5 - its about half of humanity (and way to less of em as
members of our community)...

Now, can we all please stop being ridiculous and stop this thread?
Anyone who disagrees with the maintainers decision can either ignore it
or appeal to a higher body (FTPMaster, GR). More discussion won't make
it any better. Especially not as nearly all people discussing the matter
are mysteriously missing the body pieces so prominently featured in that
little-kid-selected-names of binaries.

[1] The one set of people valid to be excluded everywhere, no further
question asked. Stupid shitheads.

bye, Joerg

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