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packages which have not been rebuild since December 2016


at the MiniDebConf 2018 in Hamburg we listed a few issues in Debian with
regards to making Debian Buster reproducible in practice. (*)

One issue we forgot to mention there is that all binary packages built
with dpkg < 1.18.17 need to be rebuild. Is that something easy to find
out with UDD? (That's roughly all packages which haven't seen a rebuild
since January 1st 2017.)

https://www.archlinux.org/todo/buildinfo-rebuild/ has such a list since
today, which reminded me of this topic in Debian :)

(*) "93% is a lie. We need infrastructure, processes and policies. (And
testing. Currently we only have testing and a vague goal.)" - explained
in more detail in
starting at 07:45min.


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