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Re: Alioth: the future of mailing lists

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 01:57:31AM +0100, peter green wrote:
> Just because a team isn't big or established doesn't mean they don't need a place to discuss issues relating to their activities, some of which do not relate to any one particular package. Contributers should be able to self-organise within the project and for many dds email is their primary means of communication. Sure you can just cc everyone involved but then there is no archive and no way for new contributers to jump in.


> I find the current proposal to drop alioth mailing lists without a real replacement to be a major step backwards.
fully agreed.

However, I also fully understand and support the decision of those who want to
maintain git.debian.org (or whatever the DNS name will be) in future, that
they don't want to migrate+run lists.alioth.debian.org as well.

So given all that, I would also applaud other people who want to keep
lists.alioth.d.o running. (As one third of all binary packages in main 
currently use such an address in the maintainers or uploaders field… (*))


(*) which as other people already pointed out will also effect stable.

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