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Re: Single Sign On for Debian

Le 23/08/2017 à 08:46, Alexander Wirt a écrit :
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2017, Philip Hands wrote:
>> Michael Lustfield <michael@lustfield.net> writes:
>> ...
>>> Using Gitlab (or any VCS) as the user db for guest accounts means adding a
>>> dependency that could block future upgrades... kinda like now. This is not a
>>> future-proof design and will come at a future cost.
>> I suspect that Alexander's intent was just to avoid blocking the gitlab
>> setup on having some SSO solution in place.
>> If lemonldap-ng can make use of gitlab's guest data initially, then that
>> lets the two things be setup independently.
>> Once lemonldap-ng is shown to do the job, I doubt it will be a big task
>> to transfer authority for the guest data into lemonldap-ng's control,
>> and then have gitlab use lemonldap-ng as it's source of that data.
> I dont' think Lemonldap-ng does usermanagement on its own. 
> It is a replacement for sso.d.o which allows to have more backends and
> provides more frontends (like saml, oauth2 and so on)
> Alex

You're right, LLNG doesn't provide usermanagement. Many user's use
https://lsc-project.org to populate a LDAP directory from any source.
Clément Oudot (leader of LLNG community) is also leader of LSC-Project.
You can ping him if you have any question on this

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