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Returning to the requirement that Uploaders: contain humans


Here is an updated diff for this bug, against the docbook version of
the policy manual.

I've also included a purely informative change which emphasises that
packages that are team maintained in name only should be orphaned
properly, with their maintainer field set to the QA team.  This is
already current best practice, but it's worth emphasising, because one
might fail to orphan a package on the grounds that "someone else on the
team might fix it", which is not true of a lot of teams.

This purely informative change came out of a discussion at DebCamp with
h01ger, gregoa and David Bremner.  We are CCing -devel because we want
to determine if there remains, in 2017, a consensus that we should not
drop this requirement.  We think that recent objections in the bug are
about implementation details, rather than a concern to retain humans in
the uploaders field.

diff --git a/policy.xml b/policy.xml
index 3daa532..4731507 100644
--- a/policy.xml
+++ b/policy.xml
@@ -1128,13 +1128,6 @@
         described in <xref linkend="s-f-Maintainer"/>.
-        If the maintainer of the package is a team of people with a shared
-        email address, the <literal>Uploaders</literal> control field must
-        be present and must contain at least one human with their personal
-        email address.  See <xref linkend="s-f-Uploaders"/> for the syntax
-        of that field.
-      </para>
-      <para>
         An orphaned package is one with no current maintainer.  Orphaned
         packages should have their <literal>Maintainer</literal> control
         field set to <literal>Debian QA Group
@@ -1149,6 +1142,12 @@
+      <para>
+        This includes packages with a group of people or team in the
+        <literal>Maintainer</literal> control field.  They should be
+        orphaned if the team is not actively maintaining the package.
+      </para>
     <section id="s-descriptions">
@@ -3448,13 +3447,6 @@ endif</programlisting>
           Maintainer field, and multiple entries must be comma separated.
-          This is normally an optional field, but if the
-          <literal>Maintainer</literal> control field names a group of
-          people and a shared email address, the
-          <literal>Uploaders</literal> field must be present and must
-          contain at least one human with their personal email address.
-        </para>
-        <para>
           The Uploaders field in <filename>debian/control</filename> can
           be folded.

Sean Whitton

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