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Re: IMPORTANT: Do live Debian images have a future?

On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 02:09:00PM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:
> PS: On a related topic:  What I think would be really cool, would be
> Debian Live images for some of the ARM architectures.  Something I could
> dd to a USB stick and boot right away when I get a new box in for testing. 
> Even cooler would be the ability to use that self-same live image to
> install Debian after the testing phase was over.

Alas, all ARMs I personally saw require a device-specific u-boot setup, and
don't allow booting from USB mass storage -- you need a supported kind of
boot device load u-boot, and only that may then chainload from USB.

This is different in those legendary ARMs that have UEFI support, but
they must be a myth.

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