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Re: Intended MBF: maintainer scripts not using strict mode

On 26/06/17 22:23, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> Hi,
> we currently have in sid 84 maintainer scripts not using strict mode.
> That is, they neither start on "#!/bin/[ba]sh -e", nor do a "set -e".
> The list is attached. This list includes the 12 remaining scripts not
> starting on #! (bugs are already filed for these).
> Policy says in Section 10.4:
>  Shell scripts (sh and bash) other than init.d scripts should almost
>  certainly start with set -e so that errors are detected.
>  [..]
>  Every script should use set -e or check the exit status of every
>  command.
> I had a cursory look over the listed maintainer scripts, and did not
> find any that does a careful checking of exit statuses. Though some
> of them are quite trivial, or even sometimes empty. It looks to me
> as not using strict mode in these cases is an oversight, and I would
> like to file bugs for these.
> What is your opinion? Policy says "should", not "must". If you agree
> with the MBF, what do you think would be the appropriate severity?


Btw I just fixed these:



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