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Re: Accepted thermald 1.5.4-2.1 (source amd64) into testing-proposed-updates

On 2017-06-19 8:51, Colin Ian King wrote:
Hi Adam,

On 18/06/17 12:14, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
On Wed, 2017-06-14 at 08:41 +0100, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
What was the intent of this upload? If it was to try and get the updated package into the release, then a) it's (far) too late and b) it should
have been discussed, not just uploaded to t-p-u.


As you uploaded the package to t-p-u before the release, it has now
ended up in proposed-updates.

However, it is *still* unfixed in unstable. What's your plan for getting
that sorted? We will not be including the package in a stretch point
release until the fix is applied in unstable.

I've double checked and the the version of thermald in unstable 1.6.0-3
contains this upstream fix, this landed in the 1.6.0 release of thermald:

Then I'm very confused, and so is the BTS. :-)

You filed #864707 with "Version: 1.6.0-3", which means that you told the BTS that the bug is present in that version. So far as the BTS is concerned, that bug is still open in unstable.

If it is in fact fixed in unstable, then you want to do something like send "notfound 864707 1.6.0-3\nfixed 864707 1.6.0-1" to control@bugs.d.o.



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