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Re: DEP 15: Reserved namespace for DD-approved non-maintainer changes

Christian Seiler <christian@iwakd.de> writes:

> To me this looks like a very complicated technical solution
> to something that I've never encountered as a problem myself.

Could you explain which parts of the proposal you find to be "very
complicated"?  Possibly I've made them seem much more complicated than
they actually are.

> Again, sorry that I'm so negative here, and of course I have my own
> biases, but maybe you could provide an example work- flow where your
> proposal actually helps the maintainer and/ or the contributor?

Don't apologise for providing feedback :)  I'm grateful for it.

After reading comments in this thread, I think that the main use of
next/foo branches is likely to be for packages which lack repos on
alioth.  Otherwise, as you say, the contributor could use a PR.

If a package does not have a repo on alioth, the only way for me to
contribute a fix is to NMU, which always creates work for the
maintainer, or file a bug report with patches.

With this DEP, I can push a next/foo branch, and file a bug pointing to
it.  This means neither the maintainer nor contributor need mess around
with patch files.

Sean Whitton

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