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Re: DEP 15: Reserved namespace for DD-approved non-maintainer changes

Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org> writes:

> What about contributions to non-packaged parts of Debian?

This DEP isn't about those -- are you saying that it ought to be

> I also don't like having more systems only a subset of contributors
> can use.

I share this concern, but it is easier for a DD to review a change and
submit it to a next/foo branch than it is for a DD to review an NMU and
try to figure out whether it makes sense for an upload to happen right
now.  So it's more accessible to those without upload rights than NMUs
are at present.

> Having a place where every contributor can publish merge requests is
> nicer (one can still have a tool to make it easier to check commit
> signatures using the Debian keyrings if one so desires).

Not all packages have a repo on alioth, so even when alioth runs pagure
and gains PRs, there won't always be a place to submit changes.  With
this DEP, there is a place to submit a next/foo branch for any package
in the archive.

Sean Whitton

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