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Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth?

Hello all,

I am worried about the status of FusionForge (and thus the development workflow 
around Alioth) for Debian.

Recently I had a discussion on #alioth @OFTC asking for the possibility or 
plan of upgrading alioth.debian.org from Wheezy to newer Jessie or Stretch. We 
know Wheezy *is* EOL now with extended LTS support till 2018/05. One of the 
admins ("formorer") said things won't change till Wheezy LTS EOL since 
upgrading will surely break fusionforge and **no one** can fix fusionforge 
after that. The last person who touched FusionForge is Roland Mas (in CC 
list). In my understanding that means fusionforge is already in an 
unmaintained state even for now.

Wheezy LTS EOL will arrive within one year. After that the unavailability of 
Alioth will surely break everything around Alioth: the Alioth account system, 
Git/SVN/CVS repository and web interfaces, alioth maillist and so on. Debian's 
development workflow will just break down. And I believe people will not accept 
a platform with security holes as one of Debian's basic infrastructures.

As a result, I'm writing to suggest we find an answer to such a problem soon. 
Migration to Jessie or Stretch with new FusionForge version might be possible. 
Or we should just drop outdated FusionForge and move to some modern platforms 
like GitLab (with an alternated workflow possibly).

There are much room for discussion but we should start evaluation without 
delay, since migration would take much time and the time left is pretty 

Boyuan Yang

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