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Re: pro-tip: preinstall debhelper in your sbuild

Am 25.03.2017 um 01:17 schrieb gregor herrmann:
> On Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:09:37 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:

>> Installing debhelper (+dependencies) takes about 5s here (on a 6 year
>> old laptop with SSD+eatmydata). Most of that time seems to be spent in
>> man-db's postinst.
> For pbuilder/cowbuilder I'm using
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-perl/packages/pkg-perl-tools.git/tree/examples/pbuilder-hooks/D10-man-db

Thanks for the hint, gregor.
I wonder whether we could convince the cowbuilder/pbuilder maintainers
to ship that config ootb. Have you tried that yet?

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