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Re: Depends/Recommends from libraries

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Depends/Recommends from libraries"):
> I think this would be a great way of introducing spurious bugs in our
> distribution from [developers] who don't happen to read the README
> file and miss dependencies they actually need because they're used
> to Debian properly picking up shared library dependencies and to the
> dependencies of any given package being fully self-contained.  Both
> of which, I should add, are major *features* of our distribution
> that many of us have worked very hard to achieve.  I'm opposed.
> Now, if this were taken a further step so that dpkg-shlibdeps would
> provide some mechanism to *automatically* add those downstream
> dependencies to packages that depend on the library unless the
> dependencies were explicitly suppressed, I wouldn't be as strongly
> opposed.

This seems doable to me.

>  It still feels like needless complexity to me,

Others have explained why this is a real problem.

> relabeling all of
> those libraries to have a new dependency field

The onward-dependency information for use by dpkg-shlibdeps wouldn't
be a control file field, I think.  It would be elsewhere in bar's
source package, and end up as a dropping in libbar-dev.deb.


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