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Bug#858330: ITP: golang-gopkg-pg.v5 -- PostgreSQL client and ORM for Golang

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Sascha Steinbiss <satta@debian.org>

* Package name    : golang-gopkg-pg.v5
  Version         : 5.3.3+git20170304.0.2246060-1
  Upstream Author : github.com/go-pg/pg Authors
* URL             : https://github.com/go-pg/pg
* License         : BSD-2-clause
  Programming Lang: Go
  Description     : PostgreSQL client and ORM for Golang

Go-pg is a convenient PostgreSQL client and ORM for Golang with the
following features:

 -  Basic types: integers, floats, string, bool, time.Time.
                 sql.NullBool, sql.NullString, sql.NullInt64,
                 sql.NullFloat64 and pg.NullTime
 -  sql.Scanner and sql/driver.Valuer interfaces
 -  Structs, maps and arrays are marshalled as JSON by default
 -  PostgreSQL multidimensional Arrays using array tag and Array wrapper
 -  Hstore using hstore tag and Hstore wrapper
 -  All struct fields are nullable by default and zero values (empty string,
    0, zero time) are marshalled as SQL NULL. ``sql:",notnull"` is used to
    reverse this behaviour
 -  Transactions
 -  Prepared statements
 -  Notifications using LISTEN and NOTIFY
 -  Copying data using COPY FROM and COPY TO
 -  Timeouts
 -  Automatic connection pooling
 -  Queries retries on network errors
 -  Working with models using ORM and SQL
 -  Scanning variables using ORM and SQL
 -  SelectOrInsert using on-conflict
 -  Common table expressions using WITH and WrapWith
 -  CountEstimate using EXPLAIN to get estimated number of matching rows
 -  HasOne, BelongsTo, HasMany and ManyToMany-
 -  Creating tables from structs
 -  Migrations
 -  Sharding

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