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Re: The deal with our old logo[s?] (the penguin one)

On Mar 15, 2017 19:06, "Samuel Henrique" <samueloph@gmail.com> wrote:
As some of you may not know, Debian used to have a penguin logo[1].

Thanks for making me feel young!

The only reference i could find of it does not tell much[1].

I heard rumor once that, as a newer DD, it's possible to cast votes on previous decisions. This makes me want to cast another vote for that comforting, friendly, and correct swirl. There's just something about it that I've always loved, something that's always made me feel like I'm home.

I could also find some (almost none) detail about the first logo from a cool guy's blog[2]*.

Thanks for this as well! I genuinely love it and might make it my next tattoo! I was six years of age when it was published and my life has been spun 4,140 degrees by it's existence so it actually seems fitting.

Where can i read more about our logo's history? (at least for how long they were used)

If you learn of anything outside of this thread, could you keep us updated?

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