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Re: The end of OpenStack packages in Debian?


2017-02-15 13:42 GMT+01:00 Thomas Goirand <thomas@goirand.fr>:
Over the last few months, I hoped for having enough strengths to
continue my packaging work anyway, and get Ocata packages done. But
that's not what happened. The biggest reason for this is that I know
that this needs to be a full time job. 

as second most active openstack-pkg team contributor (http://blends.debian.net/liststats/uploaders_pkg-openstack.png) I think this not needs to be full time job, but we need more maintainers.
If things continue this way, I probably will ask for the removal
of all OpenStack packages from Debian Sid after Stretch gets released
(unless I know that someone will do the work).

please don't ask anyone to remove __team maintained__ packages.
As a consequence, the following projects wont get packages even in
Ubuntu (as they were "community maintained", which means done by me and
later sync into Ubuntu...):

done by team, not (only) you.

I know you done most of packaging work, but please don't say: I'm only one who did OS packaging. That's not fair to other contributors.


Best regards
 Ondřej Nový
Email: novy@ondrej.org
PGP: 3D98 3C52 EB85 980C 46A5  6090 3573 1255 9D1E 064B

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