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Re: IPv6 problem for one debian mirror

> Vincent Danjean, on Wed 08 Feb 2017 01:05:51 +0100, wrote:
>> However, the machine answers to IPv4 connections but not to IPv6
>> $ time wget -6 ftp.fr.debian.org
>> --2017-02-08 00:53:58--  http://ftp.fr.debian.org/
>> Résolution de ftp.fr.debian.org (ftp.fr.debian.org)… 2a01:e0c:1:1598::2
>> Connexion à ftp.fr.debian.org (ftp.fr.debian.org)|2a01:e0c:1:1598::2|:80… ^C
> No problem here (Orange ISP).
>>   So, who should be contacted to fix this problem (ie either remove
>> the IPv6 for debian.proxad.net. or makes this machine to answer again
>> to IPv6 or change the ftp.fr.debian.org alias or ...) ?
> It's between your ISP and free. Unfortunately ipv6 is not so well
> connected, the Cogent IPv6 network is for instance notably *not*
> connected to google, so I wouldn't be surprised to see other such
> issues.  Which is your ISP?  That's probably where to start.

No problem here (french ISP Free).

I had this problem once, and it was because I had improperly configure
the MTU of my default route. It was configured as 1500 (default)
because I wanted to have a static ipv6 address and my connexion needs
it to be set as 1480. Compare the result of the following command
between SLAAC and manual configuration.

$ ip -6 route | grep default
default via fe80::1 dev br0  proto ra  metric 1024  expires 1714sec
mtu 1480 hoplimit 64


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