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IPv6 problem for one debian mirror


  I'm writing to this list to know where to report the following

  I'm using ftp.fr.debian.org as a mirror on several of my machines.
This is a CNAME to a machine of a French ISP:
$ dig -t any ftp.fr.debian.org
ftp.fr.debian.org.	1894	IN	CNAME	debian.proxad.net.

This machine itself has two IPs: one IPv4 and one IPv6:
$ dig -t any debian.proxad.net.
debian.proxad.net.	52429	IN	A
debian.proxad.net.	52701	IN	AAAA	2a01:e0c:1:1598::2


However, the machine answers to IPv4 connections but not to IPv6
$ time wget -4 ftp.fr.debian.org
--2017-02-08 00:53:54--  http://ftp.fr.debian.org/
Résolution de ftp.fr.debian.org (ftp.fr.debian.org)…
Connexion à ftp.fr.debian.org (ftp.fr.debian.org)||:80… connecté.
requête HTTP transmise, en attente de la réponse… 200 OK
Taille : 1915 (1,9K) [text/html]
real	0m0,108s
user	0m0,000s
sys	0m0,000s
$ time wget -6 ftp.fr.debian.org
--2017-02-08 00:53:58--  http://ftp.fr.debian.org/
Résolution de ftp.fr.debian.org (ftp.fr.debian.org)… 2a01:e0c:1:1598::2
Connexion à ftp.fr.debian.org (ftp.fr.debian.org)|2a01:e0c:1:1598::2|:80… ^C

real	1m52,272s
user	0m0,000s
sys	0m0,000s
[I did a C-c in the shell to interrupt]

My IPv6 connection is ok for other sites, for example:

$ time wget -6 www.debian.org
URL transformed to HTTPS due to an HSTS policy
--2017-02-08 00:57:00--  https://www.debian.org/
Résolution de www.debian.org (www.debian.org)… 2001:610:1908:b000::148:14, 2001:41c8:1000:21::21:4
Connexion à www.debian.org (www.debian.org)|2001:610:1908:b000::148:14|:443… connecté.
requête HTTP transmise, en attente de la réponse… 200 OK
Taille : 14926 (15K) [text/html]
real	0m1,079s
user	0m0,012s
sys	0m0,000s

  So, who should be contacted to fix this problem (ie either remove
the IPv6 for debian.proxad.net. or makes this machine to answer again
to IPv6 or change the ftp.fr.debian.org alias or ...) ?

  As a side note, it is really sad that APT imposes a 1min timeout
for such problem. I proposed a patch in #668948 but never got any
feedback :-(


Vincent Danjean       GPG key ID 0xD17897FA         vdanjean@debian.org
GPG key fingerprint: 621E 3509 654D D77C 43F5  CA4A F6AE F2AF D178 97FA
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