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If you can't describe what the package is, you probably should not Intend To Package it.

Howdy all,

If your Intention To Package a work for Debian is not accompanied by an
appropriate description of the package, I argue you do not yet know what
the package is well enough to file that ITP.

A lot of the recent Intent To Package reports for Node.js pacakge have
come with *terrible* package descriptions. They are usually far too
short, and they seem to be copied from the NPM metadata without
explaining it for a Debian audience.

When I ask about some of these[0], the responses in some cases reveal
that the author of the ITP expected that no-one should be reading it,
and certainly that the description was not important.

Is someone teaching newcomers to just automatically file ITP bug
reports, without writing a proper package description? If so, *please*
stop doing that, it teaches unfriendly habits from the start and it
makes the ITP almost useless.

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