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Looking for maintainer(s) of the sigrok packages

Hi, I'm looking for a maintainer (or a team of maintainers) for all
sigrok packages in Debian (see www.sigrok.org for details).

I've already officially RFA'd the packages a few minutes ago.

Lack of spare time doesn't currently allow me to keep the packages
up-to-date in a timely manner, plus I'm part of upstream and I'd like
to spend more time with upstream development rather than distro stuff.

Hence, I'm looking for active DDs to take over the following packages:

libsigrok-dev - sigrok hardware driver library - development files
libsigrok0-dev - sigrok hardware driver library (transitional dummy package)
libsigrok2 - sigrok hardware driver library - shared library
libsigrokdecode-dev - sigrok protocol decoding library - development files
libsigrokdecode0-dev - sigrok protocol decoding library (transitional dummy package)
libsigrokdecode2 - sigrok protocol decoding library - shared library
libserialport-dev - Crossplatform serial port handling library - development files
libserialport0 - Crossplatform serial port handling library - shared library
pulseview - sigrok logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and MSO GUI
sigrok - Logic analyzer and protocol decoder software suite (metapackage)
sigrok-cli - command-line frontend for the sigrok software
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw - Firmware for Cypress FX2(LP) based logic analyzers

Optionally, there are also still old open RFPs for these additional (less
important) sigrok-related packages:

 #669073 RFP: sigrok-dumps -- example logic analyzer protocol data for sigrok
 #669074 RFP: sigrok-firmware -- firmware files for various logic analyzers
 #681881 RFP: sigrok-util -- sigrok related utilities

If any active DD is interested in taking over these packages, please go ahead,
no need to ask for permission. It probably makes sense to have at least the
packages that directly depend on each other be maintained by the same DD(s).

I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding upstream releases, shared libs,
versioning, etc. etc. However, I'll not be able to do any sponsoring or mentoring
of non-DDs (lack of spare time, see above).

http://hermann-uwe.de | http://randomprojects.org | http://sigrok.org

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