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Re: no-strong-digests-in-dsc MBF

Hi Adrian,

> I want to do a MBF for all packages without a SHA256 checksum field
> in the .dsc [1] - only SHA1 as hash would not be good in stretch.

I missed two details here:

* why is this worth going at all

* why is this important enough for the bugs to be release-critical (which 
means, after all: either drop the package or delay the release).

The hashes inside the .dsc file are not used in Debian once the package has 
been accepted by dak. 

* The trustable way of getting the source package is with apt-get source, 
when apt verifies the Release signature → hashes → Sources → hashes for each 
part of the source package: dsc, orig.tar.gz, diff.gz/diff.tar.xz

* The not-really-trustable way of getting the source package is with "dget 
http://.../package.dsc";. Using the dsc directly, dget will check the 
signature on the dsc and check the hashes. However, the signature can be 
from a weak key, an expired key, a key you've never heard of (sponsored 
upload) or a key from a ex-DD that is no longer in the keyring. Basically, 
there are so many ways that signature verification on the dsc can go wrong 
that it's not useful except for packages that have only just been uploaded. 
If you can't trust the .dsc because you can't check its signature, then 
there's little point in worrying about weak vs strong hashes inside the 

Given the hashes aren't used within Debian and can't be used reliably by 
external parties either, it doesn't feel like a good use of anyone's time.

(I agree with you that this test is potentially a good way of finding MIA 
maintainers and undermaintained packages -- just reuploading packages to get 
stronger hashes and doing nothing to actually improve the package actually 
works against this goal. It will remove the package from this list and makie 
it look like the the package has been uploaded with some maintenance, while 
changing nothing.)


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