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Re: Bug#849338: ITP: hxtools -- Collection of tools and scripts

On Sunday 2016-12-25 23:59, Guus Sliepen wrote:
>>   * tailhex(1) - hex dumper with tail-following support
>od -x | tail? Do we really need a tool for this?

tail is not the same as tail -f, and /usr/bin/od (and /usr/bin/hexdump) 
end execution when they reach the end of a regular file, such that 
piping into tail (with or without -f) would be useless.

>>   * xcp(1) - proof-of-concept cp(1) with alternate copying mechanisms
>I'm quite sure cp from coreutils is using an optimal algorithm
>it should be fixed there instead of having another tool that
>does not implement everything cp does, and may not even be faster.

Feel free to write the patch. There is a 12% time improvement to gain 
with splice(2), at least there is here when testing on a 2GB file.

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