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Re: Python 3.6 in stretch

On Mon, 09 Jan 2017 at 14:28:07 -0800, Michael Lustfield wrote:
> If 3.5 to 3.6 was a typical "minor version," our expectation
> would be that the update comes with security updates and bug fixes
> (not feature changes).

That isn't semver. Semver minor version increments add features in a
backwards-compatible way. Just fixing bugs (security or otherwise)
is a micro-version increment in semver.

(I'm increasingly of the opinion that semver is an over-simplification that
fails on contact with the real world - in particular, if foo 1.2.3 is in
a stable branch of a larger environment like Debian, you fix 17 minor bugs
and release 1.2.4, and now you want to fix a severe bug in the stable
branch without risking regressions that might be caused by fixing those
other 17 bugs, semver says there is no valid version number for doing
that. But if you are going to start from an assumption that a particular
versioning scheme is used, please don't misrepresent that versioning


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