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Re: dput: Call for feedback: What should change? What should stay the same?

On Dec 28, 2016, at 10:25 AM, Steve Langasek wrote:

>Last I looked, the dcut command in dput doesn't support the 'dm' subcommand;
>this led me to switching to dput-ng when I needed it.

Same here, as I recently needed to `dcut dm` allow for a maintainer of a
package I had been sponsoring while he went through the process.
Unfortunately, the documentation you find on extending upload permissions to
DMs doesn't tell you that only dput-ng supports the dm subcommand.

That's about the only difference I've noticed so far, so I'd be happy enough
to switch back if dput also had a dm subcommand (although truthfully, I rarely
use that anyway).

I think it's fairly confusing that there's dput and dput-ng and would love to
see functional and cli convergence so that eventually there's only one package
that supports current use cases.


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