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Call for testers: logrotate 3.11.0-0.1~exp1

Hi there,

as the stretch freeze approaches, I'm getting concerned about the
status of logrotate, most notably #734688. The maintainer (CC'ed)
hasn't shown any sign of activity for a while, also no response to a
private message (I admit, it's been just a few days).

Since the fix includes switching to a new upstream version, I refrained
from doing a simple NMU. Instead I've uploaded a new version to
experimental (as 3.11.0-0.1~exp1) and would appricate tests and
feedback in the hope major breakage gets gets detected early.

My plan is to upload to unstable+2 during to weekend.

From the changelog (more extensive than I'd usually do, to ease review):

 logrotate (3.11.0-0.1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Non-maintainer upload to experimental
   * New upstream version 3.11.0  Closes: #734688
   * Refresh patch queue
     - Now upstream:
       + datehack.patch
       + mktime-718332.patch
       + man-su-explanation-729315.patch
     - deb-config-h.patch: New way to enforce status file location
   * Update watch file. Closes: #844578
   * Update Homepage: information
   * Allow failure in the clean target
   * Fix broken test suite runner



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