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Re: future of Debian amavisd-milter package

harald@a-little-linux-box.at wrote...

> While it would theoretically also be possible to file a RFA or O bug I
> currently do not consider this a good course of action: The number of QA
> packages is already very high and while adopting amavisd-milter would be
> not so much of a problem to maintain it build-depends on libmilter-dev
> which is part of the already orphaned sendmail package.

On the other hand: Being orphaned will keep the package in Debian, and
in case of emergency someone still will take care of it. And if anybody
wishes to take over later, it just needs an ITA.

> As I'm not subscribed to debian-devel please keep me in CC - without
> somebody stepping up I plan to remove the package in the near future to
> keep it from being released in Stretch.

Although I'm not a user of that package, I consider removing it from
stretch the wrong thing to do.


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