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Re: dpkg no longer installs conffiles??

On Tue, 2016-11-29 at 17:58:58 +0100, Svante Signell wrote:
> I don't know a suitable forum for this type of question. And please don't refer
> me to the high-traffic ML debian-user, I won't use that one.

You don't need to subscribe to be able to post. Using one of the
support channels before sending to d-devel or filing bugs is always
helpful, because it saves maintainers from having to do the triaging
in case this is a local user problem.

> After upgrading to sid the conffiles don't seem to be installed any longer?
> Examples are bash, passwd, basefiles and libpam-runtime. Especially trhe last
> one cost me a day debugging to find out why logins crashed. What is causing
> this, do I have some settings disabling conffiles? Or is this all due to the
> merge of /usr? If so, how to revert that change until it is stable!

Well, you'll need to provide more information to be able to track this
down, but d-d seems to be the completely wrong forum for this. I'd
recommend checking your dpkg and apt configurations. Checking the apt
logs. And for people to be able to help you'd need to provide that
information, logs, and a description of what you did and did not, what
you expected, what happened, etc. Did the files not get updated to the
new version, did they disappear, etc, etc.


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