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sbuild vs pbuilder (and dgit)

Scott Leggett writes ("Difference in behaviour between pbuilder and sbuild"):
> I've recently tried using sbuild rather than pbuilder (inspired by a
> blog post[0]),
>   [0] https://people.debian.org/~stapelberg/2016/11/25/build-tools.html

I'm derailing this because I had not seen this blog post.
I took have found this a rather annoying situation.

While in theory a dgit user can build their sources for upload any way
they like, in practice it is best to let dgit have control over
building source packages for upload, for two main reasons:
 - the .gitignore anomaly
 - the need to maybe do quilt fixup or maintainer->dgitview conversion

But I don't want dgit users to have to change build too.  dgit can
currently drive sbuild very well.  dgit can also drive gbp.
Right now I am wrestling with making dgit able to drive pbuilder.

I have never really understood the point of debuild.


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