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Re: Certbot in Debian Stretch

On 11/22/2016 02:40 AM, Peter Eckersley wrote:
> 1. Leave Certbot out of the Debian Stretch release, and rely on
> backports as the recommended way to run Certbot on Debian. That's what we
> currently do with Jessie:

Note that per backports rules, $RELEASE_N-backports must track
$RELEASE_N_PLUS_1, so if you remove certbot from Stretch, you'll
also have to remove it from jessie-backports.

There is backports-sloppy, which tracks two releases in advance,
so if certbot is in Buster again, then you'll be able to provide
it via stretch-backports and jessie-backports-sloppy.
Unfortunately both suites don't exist yet as far as I can tell,
so that would have to wait until the release of Stretch and
certbot reentering testing again.

Basically, if you remove certbot from Stretch, you'd have to
remove it from _all_ official Debian archives except unstable
until the release of Stretch.

Just as an additional data point to consider.


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