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Re: Package name conflict question

Lars Wirzenius writes ("Re: Package name conflict question"):
> I don't have a solution for this. The ideal solution would be for one
> or both upstream developers to rename their library. However, that's
> only ideal in the long run, since it requires every program that uses
> the libraries to be updated to use the new name.

This is less awful than it sounds because Python's `import' statement
can import module X but call it internally by the name Y.  So for most
callers, the required changes would be small and simple (if perhaps
numerous).  It might even be possible to do it mechanically.

Another approach would be to install the latecomer in a deviant path.
Then packaged applications which use the latecomer would modify
sys.path or PYTHONPATH somehow.  A compatibility module could be
provided which did this.


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